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Q.) What is EncryptShield?
A.) is a free service that will allow anyone to send secure encrypted messages. Using EncryptShield you can safely send credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords and other personal information in emails. No one will be able to read the email you send except the recipient, not your internet service provider, email service, not even the government.

Q.) Why can't decrypt and read my encrypted messages?
A.) There are two reason why this cannot happen. First when a message is encrypted it is send directly to the recipient. no longer has the encrypted message, once sent it only exists in email form in the recipient’s inbox. Secondly, the message is encrypted in such a way that it can only be decrypted by using the recipient’s PassCode, which does not have.

Q.) How can I retrieve my PassCode if I lose it?
A.) You cannot! ES does not have your PassCode, and cannot retrieve it.

Q.) I lost my PassCode now what do I do?
A.) ES can clear your old PassCode and create a new one for you, but this will not give you access to your old messages. The PassCode is used in encrypting the message and if the PassCode is cleared and reset all old messages that were encrypted with the old PassCode will never be accessible again, only new messages will be able to be decrypted. So be careful not to lose your PassCode.

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